How to promote your business using humor.
(even if you’re not funny…)

In this day in age, your audience (and potential clients)

is constantly blasted with content from every direction.
They are literally swamped with information.

Your service can be amazing and your products – life-changing.
None of that matters if you can’t find a way to get your audience to notice you.

This is where humor comes into play…

People are scrolling their feed as fast as they can looking for entertainment.
Videos, articles, business offers, events, odd cats. It’s never-ending.

To stop their hectic scrolling, simply need to give them what they want.
Make your audience laugh and they’ll love you.

Big companies have been using humor with great success for a long time.
Think about Doritos, their Superbowl ads have the entire world rolling every year, and people love them for it…

But how can small business owners get top notch creative funny content?
After all, we work with limited budgets and are not necessarily all that funny… 😉

Introducing VideoHood

VideoHood offers a selection of funny creative video ads that you can easily
customize for your business by simply adding your message and logo.

Take this ad (targeting people trying to sell their home) for example:

This ad is tailor-made for realtors that cater to home sellers.
It shows their pain and your solution in a comic and appealing way.
The creative content is built-in so making it yours takes 5 minutes!

You can change all the visible text in the video and the image you choose

(your website) will appear on the phone screen the character is watching.
Your business brand identity (font, color, logo etc.) will be incorporated as well.

Here’s an example of one of our ads after it’s customized for a client:

You can create a funny eye-catching video ad for your business in a few clicks.
We’ll customize the video per your instructions so you won’t need to

figure out some complex editing platform…

Once the video is ready you may use it to promote your business on any digital platform

(Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.) with no limits!

About us

We’re two long time friends and partners that just love creating funny videos
We love dogs, the desert and Bob Marley.

After years of working in the traditional advertising industry we’ve noticed that

many small businesses have the will to use good creative but lack the budget.

As small business owners ourselves, we can defiantly relate to that..

That’s why we’ve created VideoHood.

to make great creative content available to every business owner and not just the huge brands.

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